UntitledWhen starting a new programming or scripting language the best method of learning is to jump straight in with a simple project, the most basic of projects with almost all languages is usually the Hello World program so that’s what were going to do here.

Step 1 : Make Your Base.
When working with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) you’ll always want to start with the Website Structure that’s used to keep all your coding together and tidy, type or copy the below into your chosen Text Editor.

<!DOCTYPE html>

Step 2 : Add A Title.
Now the next bit of code is inserted in between <head> (Open) and </head> (Closed) tags and all it does is set the caption of the browser/tab.

<title>My First Webpage</title>

Step 3 : Pimp It With Text.
After you’ve added the title tag and any others that you want in the head section of your document the next thing to do is to add a message that your visitors can see when they first land on your page, place the below code in the body part of you code.


Step 4 : Check It Out.
after adding the <h1> & <h2> (Header) tags the last thing to do is save it as “index.html” it doesn’t have to be “index” but the “.html” extension is crucial as it won’t open as a webpage without it, after saving go and open it up using your favourite browser, you’ve just created your first HTML webpage (I Know Its Pretty Bad…It’ll Get Better With More Practice).