Playing a video on a webpage used to only be possible by using a plugin (like flash) but since the release of HTML5 its not only possible is also super easy, before starting make you sure have The right tools for the job and just so you know before you start this post isn’t going to tell you how to setup a full HTML document as that should be easy enough for anyone who has read my previous post Your first webpage.

Like I said its now easier than ever to embed your own video files into your website with just a few lines, if your wanting to try this project out make sure you have the correct video format for your preferred web browser as currently the below formats are the only ones supported.

supported video tags
Browser <video> Format Support

Now that we have that covered lets begin (its really easy), start off by typing or copying the below snippet into your documents body.

<video width=”640″ height=”480″ controls>
<source src=”yourVideo.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>
Your browser does not support the video tag.

See that wasn’t hard at all! and something worth mentioning is where it say “controls” in your video tag can be changed to “autoplay” if you don’t want it to be controlled by the user ( unless your wanting to make your own video player 😀 ).

I’m sorry that this post hasn’t been longer or more informative in just trying to fly past the more basic HTML5 projects because I have something big planned that’s going to be using a few different topics that I need to cover first, anyway thanks for reading 🙂