For anyone running a blog or website displaying images is a crucial part in getting people’s attention but the issue comes when you have way too many images to display at once and usually if you do have too many pictures that you’re wanting to show you’ll be left to decide what your readers need to see and what’s not massively important, but if you’re doing a blog/website about photography or any other art form chances are you’ll be wanting to show everything to your audience and one of the best ways to do this is with a slideshow so why not make one for your domain?

If this is your first time playing around with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) it might be worth starting at Website Structure or Your first webpage before trying this project (It’s pretty easy) if not let’s begin!

Step 1 : Add Images
Start off by adding the code below to the body of your webpage for each image in your slideshow and replace the “*” (not the quotation marks) with the name of your chosen image.

<img class=”mySlides” src=”*”>

Step 2 : Now to Script
After adding the image elements continue by adding the following snippet to the bottom of your HTML document.

js*Won’t let me put a script, sorry!

When you’ve added the code above to your page the only thing left to do is test it out and maybe even put it on your website or blog.